Fume Hoods

R K Fabrication manufactures many types of Fume Hoods, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel. Standard hoods are polypropylene construction with a sink and faucet. We can add any other tanks or equipment that you require. Hoods feature adjustable exhaust slots on the back wall, with a single point exhaust collar to connect to your exhaust system. Upper electrical compartment for light fixture and optional components. Hoods can be constructed with storage space under the table with front sliding door access. Manual polycarbonate sash provides protection to the operator against fumes and splashes from the chemicals inside

We custom design and fabricate Stainless Steel Fume Hoods which provide much higher fire protection. Free standing units can be fabricated with a polypropylene base to achieve the correct working height. A table model can be constructed to fit on a table or bench in your lab to save space. Utility hookups are single point usually at the rear or the hood, but can be located to suite your application. Fluorescent lighting fixtures are for hazardous locations.




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